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Culiacan 4%, no-State prevails not denunciation culture, so a large number of offences remain only in black figures, according to data from the national survey on victimization and Perc epcion on public security (Mexico) 2018.En this year in Sinaloa increased by 24% the number of crimes compared to 2017. Until the close of the poll, jumped to lengthwise and widthwise State 605 thousand had been 255 crimes, but before the Prosecutor alone there were 22 thousand 931.Con these figures is thrown that they denounced only 4 per cent of those affected , explained Ricardo Jenny de el Rincón, citizen of the State security Publicaincidencia Council Coordinator
offences which, according to the citizens are more common, are: extortion, assault on public transport, street robbery, fraud, threats verbal and theft of vehicles. The reasons why not reported, in accordance with those affected, is because they felt that doing so is a waste of time, were afraid to that extorsionaran them and considered that procedures are very long, also qualified as hostile behavior of the authorities responsible for addressing cases.

Citizens consider a waste of time report. Photo: Ilustrativa / Pixabay citizen of the CESP adviser urged changing of schemes in which allegations are made and invites the authorities to be more accessible with the victims. He explained that the black figure of the crimes is a 93.7 per cent, > being the eighth highest nationally.

With regard to the crimes that are most frequent among citizens, it is consuming alcohol in public, the consumption of drugs, robberies, assaults, selling drugs at retail and made shots. Jenny de el Rincón calls on the Governor to analyze this survey. DATA
5 years are increasing more and more crimes in the State.
85% of respondents said to have trusted the Navy. 
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