translated from Spanish: Starts during the Tetuan textile painting

the Tetuán, Navolato, without-after qualify to the fisheries sector as one of the most important in the economy of the State of Sinaloa, the Secretary of fisheries and aquaculture, Sergio Torres Félix, pointed out that the program int egral’s attention to the fishermen and their families created by Governor Quirino Ordaz aims to improve their living conditions and to forge a better destination for their sons and daughters. The foregoing, at the opening of the training course on textile paint, for wives and daughters of fishermen, product of the agreement concluded with the Icatsin who heads Francisco Frias Castro, present in this Act.

The instruction of the Governor, said Torres Félix, is to meet the needs of fishermen, through teamwork with other government agencies and with the different orders of Government, as it is the case of this course where with excellent trainers and trainers of Icatsin in an infinite number of courses. He added that to date courses on the repair of marine engines outboard, about styling and family welfare, cutting and dressmaking as well as haircut, have been developed so that when you run them they can apply them in your family and even offer them commercially. 

Photo courtesy finally said that everything that contributes to raise the knowledge and satisfiers within the families of fishermen, which support the improvement of the economy of its sons and daughters, will it develop in the interests of the fisheries sector. In this note: Tetuan textile painting course

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