translated from Spanish: The controversial “House” of the students of the PUC

“Well, gune, one of the ideas that we have is to buy a house in the Center and that students are rotating live there, so they know what it’s like to get to know other realities”, this phrase was captured by u n student who, without hesitation, decided to publish it on Facebook “Lo listen in PUC” group, that tells anonymous stories of the students of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.
“This is as much, isn’t it?” Wondered who decided to share the iconic phrase taken directly from the elections from the center of students of law (CADe) of the PUC. 162 reviews and more than 300 times shared had the post on social networking and that mostly generated “it amuses me” as a reaction. But what real is this?
Well, enough. The first comment, on the part of another Member of the group, was responsible for clarifying the matter. While the idea is not to buy a house or specifically in the Center, yes poses that students live together in “low-income sectors”.
He is called “La Casita” and is a project of Vocalia justice and commitment of the University, this “will be permanently inhabited by 4 or 5 students of the Faculty”, accurate. And, from the same House, “various projects, such as legal advice, preparation of the PSU for young people and support will be carried out to immigrants”.

“Call it ‘la casita’ it is highly classist”, “they will go to low of Mena, the emergency League, or do not fall of Plaza Italy?”, “these areas tend to be overcrowded, so renting a House removes the possibility to a family of inhabit it”, are part of the comments that generated the publication.

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