translated from Spanish: The scandal to proven AMLO

right in the aftermath of the Government’s Enrique Peña a business case breaks through with the force of what led to the decline to this administration and explains the overwhelming victory of Andrés López Manuel Obrador.
Mafia power, traffic of influences, worn institutions and end to Golden privileges. A litmus test hangs over those who preach a Refoundation of the Mexican State. Here the story today.
Francisco Gil Díaz, the Secretary of the Treasury in the Government of Vicente Fox, is resorting to all of your contacts at the highest level and gaining favors to save his son, Gonzalo Gil, and his nephew, Jose Antonio Canedo White, of the rule of law.
The shock of the ex is given 48 hours that was made public to judge the system procedural Penal accusatory of the High Court of Justice of the CDMX, Enrique Cedillo, freeze for 300 days the 95 million dollars that Pemex deposited in escrow the Deutsche Bank.
And also, as a precautionary measure by a complaint of fraudulent management that involves up to operations allegedly companies ghost, embagara accounts of black gold in the BBVA-BANCOMER Bank, Scotiabank, Monex and Citibanamex, totalling more than 350 million pesos.
Gil Díaz it already did it this last Bank, Ernesto Torres Cantu, directed to desacatara the court order, without the National Banking Commission and securities, which manages a shy Bernardo González, prevents it.
Gil was a member of the Board of Directors of Banamex-Accival before becoming Secretary, when the financial group still Alfredo Harp and Roberto Hernández controlled it.
Also in his capacity as independent Director of BBVA-Bancomer, which Eduardo Osuna directed and whose presidency just take Jaime Serra Puche, Gil is lobbying to everything so that Spanish bank will not pave to the judge’s order.
The same could be said of Scotiabank, where the President, Enrique Zorrilla, was Senior Executive and member of the Board of Directors of Banamex.
But that is not all. The tentacles of Gil Díaz also reached the Supreme Court of Justice of the SCJN (), Luis María Aguilar presiding.
The former President of Telefónica Mexico is getting the shoulder with two former junior partners. First Minister is Alfredo Gutiérrez Ortiz-Mena, who was his legal General Manager on the SAT when he was head of finance, and today.
The other is Javier Laynez, Minister with the own Gil worked in the federal executive Fox, today also.
Shipping company Orange shipping company orange as Mexican company owns nine vessels that are in the Gulf of Mexico. Shareholders gave only warranty their titles to effect that being operated properly, make the payment of the loan which had been serving time.
With illegal assemblies, David Antonio Rangel, owner of his own firm and who himself sole administrator, and Floris B. Iking, partner of Alvarez & Marsal, took over operation of the shipping company, keeping in reserve financial statements, taxes and rent of boats.
The only two partners, oceanography and Amado Yáñez, demanded accountability to the sole administrator and the response of those who manage the company were threats of criminal charges and alleged extortion.
Apparently not necessary to them to go out and light operations that have benefited them personally and away completely from the purposes for which it engaged itself in four years.
In case outside little, again Citibanamex in its trust division allowed the holding of assemblies who risked the heritage of Orange shipping company, to authorize acts that may be qualified illegal.
It has been detected, for example, that the company has been renting boats at rates well below market to subcontractors of Pemex prices and these in turn have rented directly to the same Pemex very above the market price.
The available information about at least a price differential of 50 thousand dollars a day per boat, and if it is considered that this has happened during the past four years in which at least have leased under this practice four vessels, the patrimonial damage to PEMEX and the owners of the shipping company Orange can reach $ 290 million.
As reference is the contract number 648236802 assigned during the era in which the direction of Pemex was commanded by Emilio Lozoya Austin.
Corporate actions and vessels are still under warranty; in fact, they are being operated by Gulf shipping administrators, company that subcontracted David Antonio Rangel, and that originated a breach of shipping company Orange, by what is today claimed more than 62 million dollars in debt.
The courts have slowed efforts by Rangel and Floris B. Iking sell boats. No one altered neither records nor assemblies. Only was the finger in the sore to try and stop a series of events that will be analyzed by the PGR.

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