translated from Spanish: Tomás Cox and new allegations about abuses against his cousin Bishop: «Should atone for their sins legally»

the Communicator and producer of events, Tomás Cox, spoke then that new allegations were known for abuses against the former arzobi SPO of La Serena, Francisco Cox, who is his cousin in second grade. Speaking to the second, El Conquistador radio announcer recalled the impact that lived at the beginning of 2001, when it unveiled the first accusations against his relative, who is now retired on a home of rest in Germany.» How blood inspires me compassion and humanity, but he should atone for judicial and legally their sins accordingly. What has happened is a brutality,»said. Cox recalled that when the first accusations against the religious a man crossed him full Avenue from the sea of La Serena, who warned him that something was going on with it.» I couldn’t believe it, breathing, was cut I waited not never. It was a brutal impact. I said to myself: ‘ my God, I wish is a mistake, a defamation, an insult, a misunderstanding ‘ «, said.» The host of the program «Face to face» of the network also stated that «I am Catholic, and for me, as your family member is a tragedy, pain and a terrible disappointment. Obviously he has to leave the Church voluntarily». Yesterday it was learned that there are two judicializadas causes open against the priest, which are being investigated in Rancagua and La Serena, and seeks to find those responsible for a possible cover-up of crimes.

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