translated from Spanish: Where does Donald Trump Fortune?

a root of an investigation carried out by the leading American newspaper, has called into question the origin of the fortune of the real estate magnate and current President of the United States, Donald Trump. 

According to the newspaper, Trump received total 413 million dollars by the real estate Empire of his father.

This is in contrast to the statements of the President, who always noted that it built its fortune from a unique $ 1 million inheritance.

The purpose of these generous donations by his father would have been to finalize a plan to be able to evade taxes in the 1990s.

As Donald Trump emerged as the favorite son, Fred made special deals and agreements to increase, in particular, the fortune of Donald. Until Donald fulfilled 30 years, she had received close to 9 million dollars on behalf of his father. Eventually he received more, that would be $ 413 million in today’s dollars.

In this way, according to the documentation attained by the investigative reporters, Trump and his brothers would have mounted a kind of company whose sole purpose was the hide to the Treasury millions of dollars.

Suspect it points out that from an initial 55% to the Treasury, i.e. about $ 550 million, the Trump clan only was pleased to pay 5%, $ 52.2 million.

Although reigned a striking silence in the early hours, the common verbosity of Trump soon appear, acknowledging receipt of this issue via Twitter: the failure of the New York Times did something that had never seen done before. They used the concept of «value for money» in a very old piece, boring and often told me hit. In addition, this means that 97% of their stories about me are bad. It never recovered from poor call choice!

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