translated from Spanish: Young girl dies drowned trying to rescue a

El Habal.-a water pump young girl lost their lives drowned and one was unconscious, trying to rescue a water pump, in a vacant lot that is located on a road on the carreter to free Mazatlan, Culiacan.

The incident took place minutes after noon on Thursday on grounds of the community of El Habal. According to the information provided by the authorities said that a pump for drawing water fell to the inside of a 6 inch tube where the water was extracted. A young man to see what had happened decided to get to rescue the pump.

Else to see that this was not decided to get to the first man who had been introduced to the tube. But now was not only a man that would rescue, but two, because none of those who had gotten previously had managed to get out; So said a third participant but this was placed a rope in the legs and was the one who helped rescue the two previous young. They were themselves who requested the presence of the bodies of rescue within minutes Civil defence personnel arrived in the place to give support to the wounded.

Illustrative image. Photo: Pixabay were the first who was transferred to a hospital in the port, a second man who had returned to the tube so that you receive specialized medical care. Leaving only one of them in place, later Red Cross paramedics as well as veteran firefighters arrived at the scene to provide first aid to the first man but told that it is already had lost their lives. Staff of experts will make the lifting of the body to necropsy corresponding and back to the funeral home. In this note: El Habal young drowning water pump

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