translated from Spanish: Young man acquitted of course compliment in Las Condes: «I never I felt that I had done something wrong»

Rodolfo Concha became the first accused of launching a compliment in Las Condes. Now, acquitted in the case by the Police Court of the commune, he reiterated that he had never intended to tell a compliment.» «The words that I said weren’t a compliment, but that phrase to offer vegetables a person, nothing more (…) when you don’t do anything wrong feel that there is no problem, but with this my name is clean». All occurred when it sold a little salad and passed a man with her daughter, with whom he had the problem later.» They were delayed to tell me something, it took 7 minutes when he returns to insult me. I stayed, I not booted up. Knight said that I was going to sue for street harassment, I told him to do what I would, I never felt that he had done something wrong,»told the Cuarta.Rodolfo added that never again will say anything in Las Condes,»I’m not go saying things that bother the women». Lawyer Rodolfo, Marcelo Troncoso, explained that the party police said linda silhouette, but the party looked at specifically «eat more salad to keep it its silhouette». Finally, the judge dismissed the complaint because it did not find that the conduct of shell has reached «a sort of offence type».» Certain requirements are needed, as referring to certain parts of the body, it should be one-way, which is impairing the person, in this case to a woman, which did not take place», he added.

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