translated from Spanish: Central University poll highlighted right silence in commemoration of the Socialmedia not

the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the triumph of the not in the pleb 1988 iscito has also taken the social networking. The ‘Digital conversation’ study of policy and social networks of the Central University Observatory, analyzed the anniversary of the plebiscite of the 88 in the digital arena.
Along these lines, the probe highlighted right silence, while the celebration had two faces: some commemorate while others participate with an incipient purposeful conversation. 
“Among those who refer to the triumph of No, there are two parallel conversations: commemorative conversation (back) and the purposeful conversation (into the future).” Analysis of words already showed numerous mentions to Salvador Allende. But confirms it the use of hashtags,”the study said. 
The survey also points out that from a month earlier there were more than 4 thousand tweets per day, which increased to 30 thousand on 11 September, date of the coup, returning to the pre-crisis level on day 13. 
In this regard, “the massiveness of the plebiscite and its anniversary discussion exceeds by far that on September 11”, says the report by the Central University. 
In the meantime, “not all the actors celebrate and commemorate. There are actors that do not seem to recognize the scope and meaning of the plebiscite by complication or discomfort. Some deny the epic (RN), while other right and simply lack of story against the victory of the No (UDI and PRI, among others) “, concludes the study.” 

Original source in Spanish

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