translated from Spanish: Hot vehicle causes a forest fire in California

CLOVIS, California, USA. Argentina-a forest fire that killed two firefighters and destroyed about a dozen properties in Northern California was caused by a vehicle, said the authorities Friday. The researchers determined that a hot catalytic converter ignited dry vegetation at the edge of a road, said United States Forest Service. However, investigators have not identified the vehicle.  

Ferguson fire razed 40 thousand hectares in California. Photo: AP called Ferguson fire began July 13 along the highway 140 in the Sierra national forest, about 45 minutes northeast of Fresno. He was content in August when it hit almost 40,000 acres (97,000 acres) in two national forests and Yosemite National Park.  

More than 3,000 firefighters battled the fire, which left 19 people injured, destroyed 10 homes and forced the closure of the Yosemite for several weeks during the high tourism season.   

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