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Paola Paola during, exconductora of television and model, reveals that he was dying from wanting to be perfect. Polymers in the buttocks was injected by ten years and fortunately comes ahead of a rather complicated situation.
In an interview with “Ventaneando”, Paola during confesses that in his eagerness to see beautiful, “it attacked” his own life to do something that never should have: put polymers. “I was dying for wanting to be perfect!”, he says.
I saw my beautiful super friends, my dancers had them also very well (the bottom), and I wanted to do the same. It left me economic, they told me that it was nothing. Went the from Alejandra Guzmán and the 20th I had me fell I injected the same… “.”

Paola body began to feel “rare” reactions. I felt the hot buttocks, put purple and began to panic.
A friend asked me to remove me that, I tried it, I looked for a doctor in Colombia, and told me that it was candidate to be operated. They did. I was three weeks in Colombia, back to Mexico and open me the wound.”


Unfortunately he was given bad news. A plastic surgeon told her that she was completely infected and severe. 
I was asked to return me to Colombia. I got a flight and I’m going with the open wound. He left fluid, sweat… “.”

Paola reveals that two years of flat it was on the verge of death.
I paid insurance, I attended and I was told that the prosthesis were broken. Out implants and opens everything. The doctor told me that it was nothing… Thus it had six days in Colombia; I then operated. I returned to Mexico and the wound would not close. “My butt were somewhat deformed.”

In Mexico, he is currently in the hands of a doctor who is attending it and says it continues to struggle to get out ahead of this bad move of life.
They are getting stem cells to regenerate everything. I felt bad, I died in Colombia and no one in my family could go. I was dying for wanting to be perfect!”

Paola says he lives a different life and is far from the world of the spectacle.


Definition of polymer.


The polymer is a chemical compound that has a high molecular mass and that is obtained through a polymerization process.

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