translated from Spanish: Mhondiwa Seer, and what he sees in the future of Daniela Castro

the Cuban Seer Seer Mhondiwa Mexico-based reveals what he sees in the future of the actress Daniela Castro, who is noted for having stolen in a department store in the United States.

Daniela Castro. Photo: Agency reform as it is customary, Mhondiwa Seer speaks of his predictions and on this occasion gives his point of view about what awaits you to Daniela Castro, who was allegedly accused of theft a few days ago.
It has cut and get guilty, you are removing the visa, unfortunately. The error is to learn. I see that Daniela was involved in this matter of theft… «.»

To Seer Mhondiwa, Daniela Castro Yes committed theft. The note from 4 minutes 40 minutes: on the case, Castro sent an audio to a group of friends that says that it is an honorable woman and what lives, qualifies it as a lie. 


«It was a confusion and a bad move that made me, estense quiet because that yes I say, everything already it is in the hands of a lawyer for clarification and I come out victorious in this infamous situation (…)».




Daniela in the same recording, reiterates that it can continue taking and seeing a honorable friend and to which it can continue to respect, with values and principles.


In this note:

Original source in Spanish

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