translated from Spanish: Paolo Rocca said in the case of notebooks: knew nothing of what he said Betnaza

businessman, Paolo Rocca, Techint owner, started this afternoon his statement before the federal judge Claudio Bonadio, who cited it as part of the investigation for alleged kickbacks on public works during the previous Government.

Rocca denied having knowledge of payments admitted Betnaza before Bonadio and said that he did not because the Executive had authority to make autonomous decisions. 

Betnaza acknowledged to justice that it made illegal payments to Cristina Kirchner administration in 2008. 

In his statement to the judge, the Executive said that it maintained «several meetings» next to the former head of State to request «to the Argentine Government which intercede» as a mediator before the then President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, by «the danger of» nationalization»of one of the firms that the holding company led by Rocca had in that country.

In this regard, he said that payments had to do with a humanitarian issue to safeguard the personnel that worked in Sidor.

Now, the owner of the business group is taking off from his sayings and denied having knowledge of the events.


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