translated from Spanish: The pleasure of eating strawberries at any price: how much to pay for a kilo?

in Argentina the main producers of strawberries are located in San Juan and Tucumán. There the entrepreneur Ignacio González told us today they sell those strawberries-$25 per kg. At the Central market they sell it at $50, while in any Federal Capital local final consumers pay – on average – over $100 pesos per kilo.

FROM WHERE DOES THIS VALUE? There are two valid explanations according to Ignacio. The first is that «as the strawberry is a fruit that makes us crazy at all, can charge it whatever they want unfortunately» – and it is right, that the consumer must always be informed.

But the second – and a little more academic – explains that there are several factors that increase the price of strawberries not only in origin but also in the gondola: inputs used; decline in the supply; distance and time.


1 inputs used: from planting until harvest of strawberries, it is necessary for the producer to invest in raw materials, chemicals, labour, technology, etc. When that investment should be higher because production costs are higher, the final selling price also increases.

2. less offer: constant rains that struck the country this winter or cold waves made to decline the offer for this 2018, that makes the origin price increase.

3 distance and time: «farther away are the production of origin, more expensive product because you got that consider the cost of freight and the time factor, how much it takes to get.» The time is worth», Gonzalez said.

This litter of strawberries will also require more investment in chemicals because they need to keep it it to survive the trip. At the same time the producer must guarantee trade that the fruit will last gondola until it is sold.

From September to December is considered frutillasPRECIO by ZONABarracas season: $100/kg. Ramos Mejía: $120/kg. Pacheco: $98/kg. Paternal: $200/kg. Villa Park: $58/kg. Horse: $100/kg. Belgrano: $80/kg. Barrio Norte: $80/kg. Palermo: $70/kg. Cañitas: $140/kg. Liniers: $60/kg. Villa Ballester: $80/kg. Tiger: $70/kg. Offer of strawberries in the Buenos Aires district of Belgrano strawberry production Strawberry season strawberries ion price price in gondolas Strawberry

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