translated from Spanish: Water Board occupies 2 million pesos to remedy damage

Mocorito, Sinaloa.-the Board of Potable water and sewerage of Mocorito also suffered several very significant damage in the last flood that left the tropical depression 19-E, this Since the course of rivers, streams and ravines climbed by far and the strong current of the water reached supply wells that are on the banks, causing several pumps stopped working and also presented affectations in power system , says the Manager of the creation, Fernando Nájar López.El official explained that to remedy all the things that were damaged needs an investment of approximately 2 million pesos, money which, incidentally, the Ceapas has already committed itself to put it to 100 per cent, but by stages.» The avenues were extraordinary and following that water levels reached wells 60 systems we have most suffered flooding. Well and pumps were much time under water, some nothing happened them but a other if, as in the electrical systems of control and Starter, since they are not very high and is circuitaron. Wells entered them sediment (mud and garbage) and the water was murky, because of this, as 14 pumps is amarraron and decomposed. There was also damage to infrastructure and other property», says Fernando Nájar López.En this note: Mocorito Board of water damage

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