translated from Spanish: «Cazaofertas», the tribe that grows at the rate of the crisis

Mary is retired and stops in front of the premises of a supermarket on Rivadavia Avenue, in Almagro. See the posters announcing the offers and follow. It carries two cloth bags. «I don’t need any of this,» he says to PHYLUM, way to another market. And jokes: «there are more discount cards as tickets in my wallet».

Increasingly women and men who «think» their purchases in order to save and minimize the effects of the crisis. Call them «cazaofertas» dew is 22 years old, works in the area of human resources in SMEs in the field of construction. He lives in Liniers account that five years is a member of the «Club day», the Spanish chain customer loyalty program. It has a branch office three blocks from his house.

«I look for prices, I turn to the technique of Lita de Lazzari: ‘Lady walk, walk'», ironically to remind the reference the housewives League of home media. «Lately we stop beverages of brands, we are looking for more 2 x 1 offers, we look well prices prior to grab something from the gondola, we stop buying things because Yes, we do home-cooked most meals, for example bread and prepizzas. We also try to save on public services, we try to consume less,»lists.  

Rocio usually make purchases on day. Other things we buy in Liniers, which is our neighborhood, where we have many grocery stores and loose articles of cleaning houses, but those purchases do them every 15 days less.

Marcela is Mexican. Love brought her to the Argentina 12 years ago. It is mother of an 8-year-old girl and lives in Congreso.Comparte with spray their dedication in finding the best prices and both make up the Group of Facebook Gratarola, tricks and Ratoneadas style, a community with 37.379 members exchange information about offers, promotions and tips to mitigate the impact of inflation.


«I’m going to several supermarkets, I know that promotions have with the banks, which have offers 3 x 2 and what days.» I have a list of the goods that I need and I do not go out of that list,»says Marcela. Recognizes that it extended care crisis and reveals another fact to keep in mind: «use an app that allows you to compare prices. You scan the product and the sale value appears in several supermarkets. Buying is called. I know that there is another, but this is used more.»

MarcelaEl time is key in this crusade against inflation. Take each one of the supermarkets and follow the calendar of prices demand long time. «You have to organize. Go five of the seven days of the week», recognizes Marcela.

Diego is 39 years old, works as a clerk and is unmarried. This week it warned through the Facebook group that there was a promotion of dressings in a French supermarket. 200 grams economic container for 33 pesos. A bargain, said several of those who saw the publication and promised to go for them.

Products recommended by Diego «live a day, where I step and I see that it is accessible, entered. Basically the offer. «And I stockeo, especially in cleaning or store products» «I was never wasteful, I’m not interested in brands. That doesn’t mean that if I cannot afford quality does not, but I prefer to organize me as well and save silver for trips for example. Let’s say that you don’t mind me adjust me», said Diego.


Malena came from Mar del Plata in 2015. It was unoccupied but two months ago he got a job: makes delivery bike. «To my I saved to go to Central market with 4 or 5 thousand dollars, every 2 months.» I bring all that I can, I choose what is cheap and with prolonged expiration date. «And if it is something fresh, buy and Tames», account.

«Now makes very little discovered that Chinese supermarkets become cheap, especially in cookies, shampoo and cleaning supplies» in short, these are the recommendations of those taking «cazaofertas» go early. Bids tend to finish before noon. Make a list of comprasComprar only the necesarioVisitar neighborhood, the fairs there there are good preciosStockearse with offers, especially canned, dry food and articles of limpiezaAsociarse to all programs of discount

Original source in Spanish

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