translated from Spanish: Discounts property taxes are in the Finance Act

Culiacan.-the discounts making councils to the payment of the property tax are a benefit for citizens and it is covered in the law on Municipal Finance of the State of Sinaloa, and p oder remove them must be reformed, said Alejo Valenzuela, Alderman by PAS. Not to carry out these discounts would breach with standard, that they would hurt the pockets of thousands of citizens who have the least because they pay more. At the beginning of the year in boxes fundraising City Council sees a lot of popular colonies people taking advantage of discounts. Not done, there is a risk that are less people that put current with this tax, said the Mayor, so not recommended to remove this benefit. 

What is the law on this issue, the Mayor-elect, Jesus Estrada Ferreiro, said on Monday that its administration there will be no discounts in the payment of property taxes. His proposal is to collect the entire amount, then see if a person need and return him to what would be the cash discount. This has led to dissatisfaction and confusion in some citizens. But article 41 of the law of finance pointed out that taxpayers who perform the annual total payment of urban property tax within the first two months of the financial year concerned will be entitled to a 10 percent discount on the amount of the same. Article 43 says that owners of estates intended for home room, always and when they inhabit it, a discount of 50 per cent of the total amount of tax will be payable. Article 44 refers, in the case of premises in which they are located companies, industrial and commercial service, subject to verification of such circumstance to the satisfaction of the Municipal Treasury that corresponds, the property tax will be paid by applying the rate that designates the rate contained in section I of article 35 of this law, with a discount of up to 40 percent of the total amount of tax payable. Kathia Higuera, the PRI mayor, also qualified as a benefit discounts to property taxes, by that reason said that the aldermen are always agree with that are carried out. In addition, many people are waiting for to is to get current on payments of this assessment. In this note: property taxes discount Jesus Estrada Ferreiro tax payment

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