translated from Spanish: Environmental cancer – counter

Sir: the concern for the environment is something that lately is in vogue, as we have already been ad discharges that the Earth is unique and that is in danger. Often they appear new campaigns to take care of our planet, that seem to increase as a tide – however we are being efficient in our act?
If we look at the planet in the way in which a doctor looks at a patient, we must make a clear diagnosis. We are sick in terms of pollution, natural resources and energy, requiring an immediate and efficient treatment. However, it seems that we are trying to cure a cancer, prescribing Paracetamol.
Plastic light bulbs – so repudiated today – make up only 0.03% of the plastic in the ocean, according to reports from Bloomberg. The meshes of fishing on the other hand, 46%. Energy consumption in lighting of the average house in Chile, represents 3% of its annual expenditure, while the heating is about 56% – and however urged constantly change LED bulbs – without referring to the thermal insulation. It is promoted with a desire to provide water-saving home, when few people know that only 1 kg of meat has a footprint of approximately 15,000 litres of water.
These things and many others, are the real cancer of the Earth – and while it is of course valuable to contribute with small initiatives – it is critical that we question this tide of information that we receive and take a proactive role of education and citizen empowerment. Only with a joint effort, but above all efficient, we will be capable of giving Royal treatment to this cancer that we have today, sick.
Patrick Spencer Grove
scholar in sustainability & environment

Original source in Spanish

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