translated from Spanish: Fernando Milagros is chosen to be part of a spinoff of Sons of Anarchy

The national musician Fernando Milagros is located in the midst of a period of closure. A year of the release of their album miracles, he was considered one of the best albums by 2017, the author of the secret and Japanese Queen starts today to bid farewell to his work with concerts in Santiago and Concepcion, and with the recent addition of his music in the new series FX Mayans MC.
Since the release of his latest album in may 2017, Fernando Milagros bastard folklore has sounded strong inside and outside Chile: a tour through South America, the publication of an EP of remixes, a concert tour in the Antarctic and the release of a short film has born to Fernando Milagros n to be one of the highlights of the past year in our country.
After harvesting great successes in the musical, his work Aurora achieved another success with the addition of the song on the soundtrack of the Mayans MC FX series.
The series, created by Kurt Sutter and Elgin James (Sons of Anarchy), was released on September 4 in United States, and is expected to reach Chile later this year.

«It happened as a month and a half.» The production company contacted me by mail, direct, without intermediaries, and thanks to the team of jungle we did manage very fast. Everything has been very surprising. Aurora was never intended as a single, and interestingly is the most traveled: it is the same with which we recorded the video clip in the Antarctic, it is now playing on the United States… It is crazy everything that has happened. At the end, above all plans that one do, strategies and everything to get simple, the music is sent in that. One believes that it is in control, but songs flying alone,»said Fernando.
With this new achievement in the body, Fernando Milagros begins to close the stage of miracles to project itself to the creation of new music. The end of this year it is scheduled to travel to Buenos Aires to record their next album at Romaphonic, the famous Studio formerly known as circus Beat de Fito Páez, with the production of Cristián Heyne.

But earlier, Fernando will close the cycle of miracles with a special concert. The secret will be a spectacle designed so the public can enjoy from across the spectrum of feelings: from the privacy of acoustic, to the intensity of a full band repertoire.
The appointment is for this Wednesday, October 10 at the Teatro Oriente (Pedro de Valdivia 99, Providence). Tickets are already available through the Puntoticket system.
Then, this same show will be replicated on November 30 in the Regional Theatre of the Biobío (Concepción).

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