translated from Spanish: Health, personal relationships, humor: from other ways we affect the economic crisis?

the economic crisis not only affects the Pocket. It is true that the devaluation and inflation increase our concern. But the implications go far beyond the numbers: health, personal relationships, humor and can continue enumerating aspects of our life that suffered changes unless we give us account.

A report by D’Alessio IROL form online between 26th and 27th September this year 578 adults around the country shows how the country’s economic situation affects Argentines, both physical and mental health.

SaludEstos are aspects of the body most affected are the stress that it brings as a consequence the crisis 56% Ansiedad55% sueno35% Digestivos45% cardio/irritability in the humor32% lack of joy and concentration (in some cases becomes the depression) VacacionesLas intentions to take a break from work, which does not leave travel, fell considerably. In 2017, 55 per cent intended to take vacation, while this year that percentage dropped to 31%.

22% intended to take less than one % semana16% seven dias7 a mesCambios relations personalesAlgunos issues cause arguments or distancing of our closest ones. Economic problems are a clear example.

59% Familia/trabajo46% Amigos33% ParejaHumorEstos changes are perceived in all the environments that we attend, as in the street or in restaurants.

76% Agresividad75% tension62% Tristeza52% Miedo3% Tranquilidad1% joy

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