translated from Spanish: Paolo Ragone revealed the message of the last issue of destination San Javier and how was it to work with Barbie Vélez

Paolo Ragone, the first voice of destiny San Javier, on the occasion of the presentation of his new track «although I not return to see you», featured in dialogue with that for them it is important to bring people a message of culmination of a love story to be able to love again. 

«The song talks about the story of a couple separated with all that that entails: the moments of solitude, try everything, heal wounds and prepare the soul to feel», explained. 

Members of destination San JavierLa protagonist of the music video of this song is Barbie Vélez. «We believe that no one better than she could interpret the history of the video, the emotional charge that has and because his face would know tell us all the emotions that we were trying to capture», said Paolo.


And, as with the final work is honest: «without a doubt, Barbie gave that emotional importance that we both wanted. In addition to his work was excellent, highlighting its ability to engage with the scenes, predisposition and kindness as their sympathy was at all times».

As for intimacies of the band, which was formed in the year 2015 when Franco Favini, Bruno and Paolo Ragone decided to maintain the legacy of the Trio San Javier to continue a history of successes of the popular Songbook, while creating their own way, unveiled that they spend a lot time together, beyond work hours.

Today the story is to continue giving the value of the respect of the public and also learn from them «we get along super well, we are family, both with Bruno who is my cousin, my brother as Franco. As a family we discussed, we cry, we love and give life on the other», said Paolo.

And concluded: «tradition that our parents let us respect it much, because their songs are still part of the soundtrack of people’s lives, we expect us with humility and work to be something similar time».

Trio San Javier destination San Javier although I never again see you vide oclip Barbie Vélez

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