translated from Spanish: Police revealed that ecstasy, LSD and Fentanyl are the principal synthetic drugs seized in the country

investigations of chemical substances of the Department anti-drug OS7 police section, revealed an explosion Vo increased consumption of synthetic drugs in the night life of Chileans with a strong presence of chemicals.

this new reality that already not part only of high socio-economic stratum, generated the creation of a specialized unit in the control of these new drugs that has made it possible to seize more than 85 thousand doses. According to police, the ecstasy with 57.765 units, with 17.570 LSD and the deadly Fentanyl (a substance that is listed by the health authority as an epidemic that has caused hundreds of deaths in the United States) are main designer drugs seized in the national territory. «The phenomenon of design on our country drugs has been increasing in recent years, which puts us in constant alert to the Carabineros OS7 specialized units, since they are potentially deadly substances», Lieutenant Pablo Ardiles warned. «Those who use them do not know for sure its components nor dose containing every pill or stamp that consume, so it can easily happen overdose or poisoning causing serious damage to health or even death», holds the spokesman for the OS7. Department specialist also warned that while organizations of synthetic drugs that produce them in our country have not been detected, have have Yes seized chemicals for processing in Chile and even Ecstasy in mode crystallized, been more pure of this drug. In addition, within the seizures appear 25i-Nbome or Tuci and pink cocaine, methamphetamines, already-BA.

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