translated from Spanish: 300% difference between the regular and gluten-free foods: ask prices include them care

in a context of rising inflation and constant devaluation, the struggle of consumers for lower prices is becoming increasingly more difficult. But even if that consumer suffers from celiac disease.

According to a survey carried out by the Radical Civic Union (UCR) Buenos Aires, non-TACC products cost up to 300% more expensive than the regular ones. For this reason, request that you include in the list of prices care, as well as the light and deslactosados.

How much does the difference matter?

A pack of 6 regular sausage costs $35, before the $100 that they are worth if they are without Glutenun cookies 250 g package costs $24 provided they are traditional. If they are light can cost up to $47Leche in 800 grams powder costs $190 in contrast with the $250 that is worth if lactose-free is care prices

without tacc for celiac more expensive

Original source in Spanish

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