translated from Spanish: Ixmiquilpan settlers threaten to blanket Deputy Charrez

city of Mexico-A through several blankets hung on pedestrian bridges, Morena, Cipriano Charrez Pedraza, federal deputy he was warned of facing the law or otherwise is casti Gado by the village of Ixmiquilpan, Hidalgo.» «Killer Cipriano: faces the law or you or your employee Alan Moreno will be punished with the hand of the people of Ixmiquilpan», designates one of the canvas that contains several images of the road accident in which he was allegedly involved. 

According to Quadratin, messages appeared in different parts of the municipality, one of them near the place of the event happened early on Saturday morning. According to journalistic versions, the federal legislator was involved in a car accident near this municipality, which were hit two other vehicles; the driver of one of them died calcined. 

The federal legislator from Brown Cipriano Charrez became a high e your white Raptor against a taxi, in which calcined died drunk hit a person. Gabriela—. (@laGabbss) 6 October 2018 Cipriano Charrez was Mayor of Ixmiquilpan from 2012 to 2016, this position his brother Pascual Charrez Pedraza.En currently holds it this note: Hidalgo Cipriano Charrez blanket

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