translated from Spanish: Meet the boards of the Chamber of Commerce to avoid inconveniences this Cybermonday

from 00 hours of morning Monday until Wednesday, will be the so-called “Cybermonday”, the day of the ele trade offers and ctronico organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago.El electronic shopping event, will this time have 284 attached marks, of which 72 are beginners. Among them, there will be a car brand and a real estate and close to one hundred participating companies belong to the category of footwear and apparel. From the Santiago Chamber of Commerce, the Executive Secretary of the Centre of Digital economy of the organism, Yerka Yukich, in conversation with Digital FM Radio, gave some recommendations to consumers. Yukich stressed that it is important that consumers can enter through the site set up for the event,, there is the list of brands that officially participates in the day. “We made changes to the site, so that navigation is faster” he added. He also advised that those interested in making purchases, ensure that at the time of purchase, the address of the site on which you are performing the payment, begin with “https”, implying that it is a secure transaction. Yukich also asked that consumers do not enter from character WiFi public, to have greater security in the digital transaction. Another aspect addressed by the Executive Secretary of the Digital economy of the CCS Centre was that of the cyberseguridad, and said that workshops with participating brands were made to put emphasis on the subject. Anyway, he said that the hacks made to bank credit cards recently known, were performed from abroad and said that the digital trade in the country is safe. Yukich also recalled that purchases by digital media are identical to physical transactions relating to rights and consumer law and asked who will buy in the event, store their receipts to assert their rights in the event of pre sitting problems. In addition, the legal of the CCS said that increased traffic occurs during the first hour of the event and who has worked with the participating companies, to avoid the fall of sites. Anyway, Yukich, by way of recommendation, said that as already known brands participating, stakeholders can register at sites to gain time at the time of the transaction. With regard to prices, Yukich said that the problems that have arisen in previous years, with regard to prices, which have been bulky offerings before, have been isolated and, audits and monitoring of prices realized from the body, not have detected faults in the categories that have been reviewed. “Sometimes has been presented a timely topic, but in the standard we have not found that malpractice” said. Representative of the CCS, in all ways, called on consumers to review and find out the price of products that are of interest.

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