translated from Spanish: Rowan Atkinson believes that Mr. Bean will not

photography / Internet London.-the British actor Rowan Atkinson, who plays Mr. Bean, spoke about the possibility that not again appear in scene this character.
In interview with Graham Norton program, which promoted the debut of “Johnny English”, his new comedy, to the big screen, said “I doubt that he (Mr. Bean) return”, although he also mentioned: “Never say never”.
The British said that there is a point “where you feel to you’ve done almost everything you want to do with the character”.
Rowan Atkinson spoke of “Mr. Bean” accompanied by Jamie Lee Curtis and Jeff Goldblum, who, after several years, resumed their roles in franchises such as “Halloween” and “Jurassic World”.
“Mr. Bean”, whose humor had greater impact on the audience, had fifteen episodes between 1990 and 1995, as well as special appearances and two movies. The actor told Norton program series is so beloved that hard, you can go somewhere unless they recognize it.
In the new movie “Johnny English”, when a cyber attack revealed the identity of all the secret agents active in United Kingdom, Johnny English becomes the only hope for the secret service to find a hacker. So that he is forced to return, after having it removed, but as their skills are limited, you will have to strive to overcome technological challenges.
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