translated from Spanish: Robert Downey Jr was thrilled with a message to Chris Evans, following its strict decision

«Infinity War» is the latest film from the Marvel franchise which has already been 10 years constructing the history of his classical heroes.
The Avengers – who have their personal experiences developed in several films – came together to defend their world. However, one greater threat came to ruin their plans: titan third Thanos.El terrorised by «The Avengers» film. The final generated more than tears and provoked the terror finally losing heroes, who for defeating the titan must risk more of the already seen.

Some years ago in the Robert Instagram conspiracy theories are manifold. What will happen in the last movie? Growing fear not to see more players that gave life to the characters for more than one decade. Eternal rivals and endearing companions Chris Evans (Captain America) decided to say goodbye to the Marvel Universe. A few days ago he reported it in networks, and generated a global shudder. Find out everything what you said in this article: Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), actor and symbol that takes in your skin the logo team, dedicated to fellow a few words, citing the characters from Toy Story – their costumes – and the so reminded «To infinity and beyond». Clear reference to the last battle together.
«We all know who is the real sheriff of the city», mentioned the actor’s Tony Stark message takes place after finishing the filming of the second part of «Infinity War», a film that will bring the return of both leaders for the sake of the fight against evil. Rivals faced in Civil War. Friends on the back stage and in fiction. Everything would indicate that the beginning of the end is experiencing. Meanwhile, industry prepares stories to be released in 2019. It only remains to wait and, of course, to prepare the scarves.

Message from Robert Chris | Twitter @RobertDowneyJr talking Toy Story, we leave them a scene that is worth remembering: Avengers Marvel Iron Man

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