translated from Spanish: Claudio Iturra recalled Kel Calderón an intimate moment

Kel Calderón lived in Bolivia visited the morning happy this morning, where received a surprise by Claudio Iturra from Berlin.con romantic words and recordan do amazing and very intimate moments, journalist sent greetings to the daughter of Raquel Argandoña who was among the panelists of the Mega.” I want to express you Kel, my most sincere gratitude, love, you know, I’m glad it was him very well in Europe, which projects go forward,”were his first words. Recording mode selfie, Iturra added an experience lived together when they were in the Amazon in Bolivia; the first trip carried out and in which split rumors that they would have an affair. “If there is something I think, that debiesemos rescue messages as you and I, that we are a few inveterate travellers, is that you can travel in a different way.” I’ll never forget when we were sailing at night, do you remember? and I didn’t want to go and you said to me ‘we will, we will’. “And we saw the reflection of the stars in the water, the sky was reflected super magic, were special moments, as I surprised showing me that side so aperrado, that I believe that no one knows it”, said. Although the study Kel tried to avoid questions about an alleged affair and diverted attention towards the trips that made with Masai, finally just ended talking about speculations.” Claudio is a gentleman, is a romantic,”said Kel, who soon will travel to India next to the Agency the driver of”Wonders of the world”. “He talks to everyone of you”, he said Kel and added “I say that it is as Lord and ignored me”.” The press I have much more faith in what I worked in real life. That is, whenever I know a heterosexual man automatically becomes my partner. With Claudio we developed a beautiful friendship, he has your partner in fact and as we see uploading photos in such beautiful places, is that (…) “, said the 27-year-old model. The former polola Pangal Andrade argued that already not complicated with these romances that have “invented it”. “I already don’t fight, give explanations to my mom only asking me explanations of everything, but no one more”. You can watch the full video here.

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