translated from Spanish: «If I get out of this I will continue killing women»: Ecatepec Edomex

Monster-a video that was uploaded to social networks where you can see the alleged «monster of Ecatepec, Juan Carlos ‘N’, giving his statement about the crimes of which he is accused» said that if she becomes clear will continue killing women. Juan Carlos and his spouse Patricia confessed to having murdered at least 20 women in the colonia Jardines de Morelos, in the municipality of Ecatepec. 

According to psychiatric tests, Patricia has mental retardation birth and induced delirium acquired, while Juan Carlos presented mental disorder secondary cerebral discussion of type psychotic behavior, as well as a disorder of personality. According to the study, both distinguish good and evil. The couple was captured last week by the intervention of the safety secretariat of the State of Mexico (SSEM) and of the Prosecutor’s Office after crossing information and research contributing own relatives of the missing on their cases. They were admitted to the penitentiary and Social reintegration of Ecatepec, in order to remain in charge of the judicial authority and that resolved his legal situation. In this note: Edomex monster of Ecatepec statements Juan Carlos

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