translated from Spanish: Marixa Balli confession: «Rodrigo handcuffed me because I didn’t want to join a show» Marixa Balli

was invited to PH, can speak, Andy Kusnetzoff program last Saturday night. A few days later that released the film, «del potro: the best of love», which tells the life of Rodrigo Bueno, Marixa was invited to several programs as an essential part of the life of the singer.

In the middle of the game that characterizes the program, where everyone must pass to the center according to certain slogans, she said that one day she left her handcuffed because it would not join a show and so did not permit that you can go out with her friends.

Rodrigo Bueno and Marixa Balli «led Me to (the hotel lobby where he was stopping) and me handcuffed to a Chair, so I accompany you if I had to go to the bathroom.» He wanted to be generous… I think its micro was at 10 and at 7 in the morning. I was all the time there… Once I told her mother. My relationship with him was a chapter apart in my life,»he explained.
«He was very jealous, but bue, what I cared, with similar bombon I me bench everything».

And also added another anecdote from jealousy: «had a dress divine to this fantastic Festival of Gary, a singer from Cordoba. It had taken me a dream Golden dress and those things transformed it. It it descosió me everything and come to the party in jean and the divine, of smoking.»

handcuffed Marixa Balli Rodrigo Bueno

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