translated from Spanish: Morena proposes regular official propaganda

the federal deputy of Morena, Pablo Gómez, presented an initiative to regulate the official propaganda of the federal powers, which lays down measures on the distribution of official times between public bodies, and the equitable allocation of contracts to media companies.
One of the points is that is not assigned to a single company or a contract that represents more than 25% of the total spending for each type of social communication, namely, radio, television and print media.
Also refers to the prohibition of hiring the dissemination of news, sometimes called infomercials or newsletters, or make any payment by the dissemination of official acts, of any nature.
In terms of the total expenditure, is mentioned first that will be created an annual program of Propaganda of the Administration public of the Federation, seeking to have a coherent and austere policy for social media. 
«Referred to the special rules, among them is the limitation to the annual spending on propaganda, same could not exceed 0.3 percent of the budget of expenditure of the Federation for the corresponding fiscal year,» reads the document.
«In addition, to that official propaganda on radio and television broadcasting may be made only by public bodies making use of official time, with the exception of the recruitment time for cultural billboards and shows, campaigns of» health, information of civil prevention against claims or other cases of emergency or that relating to the General warnings issued on the basis of an extraordinary situation decreed by Congress», added the Deputy Gómez.
«It establishes a restriction for the realisation of expansions or budget transfers and other special rules of financing in the field of advertising.»
Prohibited extension or transfer of resources to the expenditure corresponding to propaganda, except in the case of extensions or budget increases required for propaganda in emergency situations, emphasis on the initiative.
The distribution of the official times, is proposed to 35 per cent for the Executive Branch federal; 10 per cent by the federal, distributed equally between the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate legislative branch.
Ten percent to the Judicial power of the Federation; 10 percent for Federal autonomous public bodies, and 35 percent for federal entities.
«Is that federal entities should have access at the time of the State because their propaganda of radio and television is now funded entirely with local budget funds while they are part of a Federation which, as such, has time «legal and fiscal time».
When the official propaganda that spread an entity of the federal public administration «violates the principle of institutional loyalty and citizen, the Ministry of the Interior started, ex officio or upon
request of one of those involved, a management to overcome the solution of the dispute and restore fully the relationship of collaboration which deprives them between bodies of the Mexican State, to take the relevant decisions, which should be public knowledge. All this, without prejudice to the sanctions that might merit in accordance with the law», says one of the articles of the initiative.

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