translated from Spanish: Pinera asked urgently for safe classroom law: “We will not allow impunity criminals disguised as students”

the President Sebastian Pinera who shared a message on social networks related to the project “Safe room”, r recently was declared as unconstitutional by the Constitution Committee of the Senate.

from Spain, where it is now because of its five-day Europe tour, the President wrote: “we will not allow or left unpunished criminals disguised as students that destroy their own schools and to spray with benzine or tir an petrol bombs to their own teachers, coworkers, or police. We need and will promote safe classroom law-urgently”. The initiative involves the ability and powers to the directors of establishments, to expel students involved in acts of violence directly. Precisely this is what generated this morning a protest by students of the Coordinating Assembly of high school students (Aces) and that determined that legislators would indicate that “Safe room” does not comply with the minimum guarantees. Via social networks the Minister of education, Marcela Cubillos, also delivered a message where indicated “sprayed a teacher with benzine or throwing a molotov in a school is not ‘say what I think’, as I have seen that some allege. In any country of the world are crimes and no manifestations of ‘freedom of speech’ “.”

Original source in Spanish

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