translated from Spanish: Scandal in the Court: Lorenzetti Rosenkratz by the ICJ faces

the judge of the Supreme Court, Ricardo Lorenzetti today accused the President of the body, Carlos Rosenkrantz, by the «momentary» stoppage of the center of legal information (ICJ) and attributed that situation to the «climate of tension, of fear, of threatening telephone calls, of disrespect» generated after its assumption. In an explosive letter, Lorenzetti questioned his counterpart by having generated «a scandal,» with its public order by the control of the web site, something that was considered a «mediocrity» on the part of his successor. 

«On the day of the date I was surprised its resolution number 3018 published edged scandal, something that has never happened in the past years and times that we wanted to overcome.» I regret a lot such mediocrity but, being at stake the reputation of the institution, I am compelled to reply», he stressed, after Rosenkrantz it claim the keys to the page, which distributes legal information. 
The new President of the High Court also denounced his predecessor employees emptied the site days before leaving his post. The internal broke out less than ten days from the assumption of Rosenkrantz, who last September won the support of their peers to move to Lorenzetti.Los two judges on Tuesday shared the stage of the Act of the J20, a meeting of judges of the world in the framework of the activities of the G20.

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