translated from Spanish: Unhealthy and irrational fear of the houses

a person who suffers from a phobia has an overwhelming need to avoid all contact with the object or situation.

The fear of the houses there is │Foto: Instagram @houses Domatofobia who suffers from it fear living in a house or building only, even fear you the mere fact of entering them. Despite being a rare phobia, many experts say it may be product of movies or books where the main fear of the House. They fear the House in terms of body, not to feel locked in certain small – claustrophobia – stays. Oicofobia is the fear of uncontrolled to the homey, everything to do with home and the home. Agoraphobia is the terror that who pace it feels to cross the door of the House, go out and face the world. Lo Nostofobia described as the panic to return home.

The fear of the houses there is │Foto: Instagram @houses these four types, are complex phobias because the disorder is disabling and affect their lives daily. how to treat it?
«It is important to confront that fear and that can be achieved with the help of a therapist,» said psychoanalyst Paula Contarino, to be consulted by cutting edge technical News.La that can work for all kinds of phobias in general therapy is cognitive-behavioural, that It begins by identifying the thoughts distorted in question to then try to modify behavior, fear or avoidance.
Relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety symptoms always help some people prefer to not see a specialist and eventually learn to develop self-help techniques or strategies to face their fears – once they do recognize them-.

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