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yesterday, the body of a child was located in a channel in the heights of the South Division. A child drowned. A student did his school. Current rain dragged it. Jesus was killed. Heavy rains began early and left another victim, a 13-year-old student who was on way to secondary school. The water dragged him and was found lifeless in the stormwater channel. It is not possible that, on the way to school, to study, to prepare, has finished a life with so much future. The fact is very unfortunate and sad, but citizens should be outraged. Someone failed in prevention, works, etc. and error is very serious. It is not a time of blame, but responsibilities. What’s happening in Culiacan? Lack of rain drainage works, there is no planning, late is the reaction of the authorities. Who’s going to respond? I urge the authorities to do something. They can not lose lives whenever there is heavy rainfalls in the city. The suspension of classes was not bad, but came late. An hour earlier I would have possibly avoided that a 13-year-old student had come out of his house heading to high school and was swept away by a stream. Also a work of storm drainage or planning, to awareness-raising work could save the life of a child who was unable to reach their school. The next mayor, which in a few weeks the Government of Culiacan, has an enormous challenge. When the irresponsibility and negligence take lives, it indicates that touched bottom, which reached the limit. Something is very wrong in Culiacan. The recent rains have left casualties. Brooks has claimed lives. BREAD. The Sinaloa lawmaker Carlos Castaños reported that the parliamentary fraction of Morena has pretense of seize the House of representatives. He directly accused the Vice President of the Board, Dolores Padierna. Chestnut said that Morena seems a version of the PRI, which sees a decline. Brunette. In more activity of the federal deputies of the State, Merary Villegas also came out to give a press conference to accuse that there is political twist in the delivery of aid to victims. He pointed out that they are using colony of PRI leaders so they directly give props to the families that were affected by flooding last in Culiacan. It also failed to be partisan purposes as a sensitive subject in the distribution of food, mattresses and other articles of first necessity. Sinaloa. Very good reception was the new Secretary of public education of Sinaloa, Alfonso Mejía López. The sectors looked favorably at arrival. It should be noted that he has extensive academic experience and extension pan, which gives it a plurality to the Cabinet. Mejía López was director of first Mexicans, in such a way that you know the subject and the education landscape. There are great expectations with the new owner of political Sepyc.Memoria. «The sovereign height depends on the height of his people»: Napoleon.en this note: high school student dragged current

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