translated from Spanish: When and what time is reached the second season «A rooster to Asclepius»?

«A rooster to Asclepius» (Bruno Stagnaro and Ariel Staltari) premiered its second season on Tuesday, October 16. The series of Underground and TNT prepared the second part of the story that was awarded, in addition, with the Condor award best fiction Audiovisual platforms Digitales.Nuevo for advancement one of its directors, Ariel Staltari, who also plays Loquillo in the fiction, released a new preview of this second season coming to double the bet of Sebastián Ortega, the winner of the year.
Remember, that a few days ago the actor he also published some videos with short advances what lies ahead. Check them out in this note: what time and where watching the second season?
Tuesday, October 16 you will see the first episode via TNT from 23 hours. It seems that Tuesdays are the day chosen for the expected second seasons of the fictions of Underground.Recordemos which «Marginal 2» came to the small screen of the public TV on Tuesday, July 17 and won a historic rating for the channel. Synopsis SPOILER alert! If you still did not see the first season, we recommend that you keep not reading. 

The second season revolves around the return of Nelson, who avenges the Chelo Aesculapius, the gang leader played by Luis Brandoni. In your journey you need to deal with enemies of his former boss and achieve become the benchmark for the Pirates of the asphalt.

A rooster to Asclepius second season premiere

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