translated from Spanish: WINS Michoacan International Film Festival

Puebla-Michoacan young, Jonathán Yadir Barojas Quezada, won first place in the category short-documentary, at the International Festival of film and architecture CINETEKTON, celebrated in the capital of the State of Puebla.
Yadir Barojas, is a worker at the Virtual University of the State of Michoacan, where he is part of the area of Social communication as responsible for the production of audiovisual materials, work that combined with his passion for the creation of short films.
The winning short, titled «Inside», is based on daily life inside the so-called «student houses» of the Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, and according to the official review of the festival, follows a different line in its narrative, away from the classical documentary.
«Photography allows you to appreciate the space, one is intrigued to see the decadent textures and the behavior of light in the building, is a hidden character that affects the psyche of the Viewer without noticing it, what is this place and is under these conditions?».
«Inside» strive also as part of the official selection of the Festival of architecture Rotterdam, Netherlands, from 10 to 14 October, leading festival in its kind, specializing in the immediate relationship that keeps the film with the architecture.
The same job has been invited to the Film Festival «Clermont Ferrand in France for the month of February of the next year, and previously will be displayed at the International Film Festival in the city of Mexico.

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