translated from Spanish: Ampuero responds letter of Evo Morales to Piñera: says that failure of the Hague is «unquestionable»

during this day, the Chancellor Roberto Ampuero said the car the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, Ta addressed to President Sebastián Piñera, who urged «restart dialogue» about the Bolivian demand for a sovereign outlet to the Pacific Ocean.
Consulted on the matter, Ampuero said that «still not reached our hands. «I want to reiterate something that is very important, the International Court of Justice in the Hague has unveiled its judgment, there are conditions for the two countries», slogan Emol.
«We have made, through President Sebastián Piñera a very generous offer to Bolivia, but which certainly implies recognition and Bolivia attachment to international law, also recognize the Treaty of 1904 that is fully valid and of course» abide by this ruling of the International Court of Justice».
And he said that it is «an instance, the highest that exists in terms of Justice at international level and its decision is final (…) When something is final is final.»
«This is an international tribunal, the highest that exists on our planet, has spoken, has failed, has been forceful in favor of Chile, which corresponds is now followed him, obey him, it is also a final instance», said.
And while Piñera is already in the knowledge of moral action, still does not receive the letter and knew its contents yesterday when the Bolivian President made it public to the media. On the possibility of that respond to the letter, since the Government does not have ratified that.

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