translated from Spanish: Are social networks worse mental health?

life is what happens while you are a pending social network and your mobile phone. Humans need to be part of a group, and digital social platforms give you that satisfaction. Even if you’re not experiencing it firsthand, you can see what happens without anyone tell you. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Youtube are directly responsible for the rising rates of depression, anxiety and envy?
“Social networks are not the pathological pictures itself provocative, they empower them,” said psychologist Fernando Nieva consulted by cutting edge News.

When networks become harmful to one pathological jealousy, intimidation, impact on the quality of sleep and problems with regard to body image, they are some of the psychological disorders linked to the obsessive relationship with the networks.” Social networks enhance the hysteria – want to be desired – it has to do with the cult of the aesthetic, the body, photos. Also paranoia – which is the excess of observation –. When one is committed from the emotional with someone and consumes the contents that person up, photos or stories can lead to think anything, which is what you already think of the unconscious”, the specialist added. 
“Another point that enhance social networks is refusing contact combat for fear of love, commitment, to play the emotions,” said snow.

Mental health in time of sociales│Foto networks: Stockphoto we agree if we say that technological development has benefited from multiple forms to society, however the real problem appears when there is a dependency compulsive use. Spend much time in networks produces what is identified as FOMO (“the Fear of Missing Out”), the “fear of losing something”, which is not more than the vain illusion that while we are disconnected, has happened that we are missing something important. Digital diet “to relieve or so that the person does not suffer so much in their behavior with social networks, should do a negotiation with itself to go decreasing consumption”, reflected the psychologist and said: “a digital Detox is recommended when it is accompanied by flesh and blood, Word and retaining family social network”. You’re addicted to the technology if…
The first thing you do when you open your eyes is to consult all your social networks in search of new products constantly update your profile and are pending feedback you frustrated if you don’t manage to notoriety you think that the posts of your friends are better than yours E Stas looking cell phone constantly, even for lunch or dinner you have the need to publish and photograph everything that happens to you Das “like” or “like” compulsively to all publications you see you left-click in line almost all Fear of Miss day ing Out networks social world FOMO mental health day

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