translated from Spanish: Bolsonaro Hurricane left spinning in a circle

national left the result of Bolsonaro joins the triumph of Donald Trump in the United States and the esc alones won by neo-Nazi groups in European countries. An advance of the far right which also warns in Chile and is another common factor decomposition and fractionation of the center-left, hit by cases of corruption and uneven funding of the policy, as is the case of the party of the Workers (PT) in Brazil.
When the results of the first round in Brazil became known, the commentary forced into social networks and chat of the Creole center-left broad front until the former new majority, was the need to stop the advance of the totalitarian ideas and conservative personified in Bolsonaro, including misogyny and the hoist of the crimes in dictatorship.
Question which was quite open, «sincerely are left running in circles», recognizes a member of the broad front. And it is that despite the wishes expressed across, State of crisis weighs on the Chilean centre-left, and the challenge faced with the advance of these forces appears to be a little big.
For the common House Foundation director, Fernando Atria, firstly, «wonder how the centre-left are thinking, as if he were doing something as such, it is not realistic», but acknowledges that there is «awareness that is a danger or a problem that there is that» face, I have noticed a growing awareness, identification as a serious problem.» But the internal fractionation and between the political and the social divorce deepened in the post-dictatorship and under the administration of the agreement, make the difficulty coping with the advance of conservatism is accretive.
One of the main points that cause conflict inside the forces of opposition to the Government of Sebastian Pinera is the lack of mea culpa or a recognition of the mistakes of the past, which ended with the deepening of the neoliberal model and cases of corruption and irregular funding policy. Necessary revisions that would mainly be in the forces of the former Coalition, which, for many, looking to make a «borron y cuenta nueva,» without assuming errors today claiming citizenship, stressed from the former new majority.[Part of the opposition they recognize that they are in a critical condition, they assume that the segregation of the parties and the distance with the society have penetrated deep. While this problem is situated transversely around the political world, they stressed that it has impacted strongly on the forces of the former new majority. This detachment with the society as a whole and the insufficiently organized world would be one of the main points that «left you on the Court» known as fascism and right forces, today personified in Chile in the figure of José Antonio Kast and emergency «ultra» in the Evangelical world leadership.
For the Socialist Fernando Atria the crisis of recent years has brought about the intensification of the perception that «politics is an occupation of a political class which is not capable of being questioned by society», that there is a political world that has own agenda and not It echoes the social demands, as in the case of the claim against the pension system.
He autoflagelo be one of the main points that cause conflict inside the forces of opposition to the Government of Sebastian Pinera is the lack of mea culpa or a recognition of the mistakes of the past, which ended with the deepening of the model neoliberal and with cases of corruption and irregular funding policy. Necessary revisions that would mainly be in the forces of the former Coalition, which, for many, looking to make a «borron y cuenta nueva,» without assuming errors today claiming citizenship, stressed from the former new majority.
In this aspect, the former Labour Minister of the first Government of former President Michelle Bachelet, Osvaldo Andrade, reflects: «I self-criticism don’t do it from the perspective of the past, do it from what it is today, I am not neither complacent nor autofalgelante, but» «if I do a trial of the transition from what was, (…) make a judgement of the transition with the perspective of today I think it is a mistake, I can be critical of many things, but the danger of the authoritarian involution marked the transition and therefore was a fearful transition».
Connection from where and to where you point the Chilean left, former President of the PS adds that «that Pinera triumph was so loose, because today did not find the coordinates to address these issues. I’m writing an article trying to link growth, employment and labour rights, if that had written it a year ago, I would have written labour rights. In simple (…), I believe that a new political project of left shaft has to split therefore in such relationships that we did not before, before there are things that we saw from the contradiction and must now be seen from how it we are able to offer one complements variety of stuff, is a fucking challenge and maybe it may sound a both raw, but we don’t have another alternative, because, otherwise, we are going to go running out».
Another reference of the concertation era is the former Minister of public works Ricardo Lagos, the PPD Sergio Bitar, and connection to a possible lack of self-criticism that post-dictatorship stage, indicates that «is a balance that you must have, to recognize the good that is» He did, and I have no doubt that the conclusion is a very successful process, but make critical to correct and improve, analyses which does not recognize what he did, deny, therefore, has no legitimacy, and who believes that everything you did this well It has no capacity to innovate».
For autonomist movement Deputy, Gonzalo Winter, is «important to assume the failure of progressive Latin American cycle according to run the fence and forever change the social structures. I think that we rest in the price of commodities». Emphasizes that the period of consultation «is a quite different to the PT’s history», stresses also that the defeat of the process «that it lost in hands of Piñera and the broad front has to do with that emerges as a challenge to the dictatorship», but ends up deepening their model.
«Comes a point they arrive to Chile more Coalition Ministers in the directories of AFP, private universities and private schools subsidized, that Ministers of the dictatorship.» «In this non-differentiation is that a sector of society says that the copy comes out and between the original, and there is another sector that says these two are the same, prefer to the broad front, and that’s not exactly what happened to the party of the workers of Brazil».
With respect to the reflection of the role played by the center-left in the causes of the crisis, Atria emphasizes that «it is a fundamental issue, that has been impossible to make it seriously». Lawyer explains that there are two positions on the matter so far, on the one hand raises celebrate 20 years of consultation, or to reject all what was done in those years, looking for a total reform»an equation that wouldn’t take much sense when looking for a new one to the common trust.
Stresses that «which do have sense ask ourselves is what there policy post-dictatorship which, despite their achievements – that can not be denied – ends with a society that regarded politics with distance and despises.» While that is not discussed seriously, crisis not be may face».
This process of disintegration, the Senator and former concertation, Alejandro Navarro, emphasizes that it is important to give a debate that «it has escaped on the Chilean left, memory anyone who has put the issue of the Constitution, not resolved nor with Aylwin Frei, nor with Lakes, even with the arrival of right to La Moneda, the transition is still pending and close to transition is a new Constitution». Adds that «to create a new political unit of the left without questioning the institutional framework in which it occurs, is a mistake».
To be consulted with regard to the cases of corruption that have erupted in recent years, stresses that «it has been cross,» starting with the President of the Republic, which remains highly disputed. Emphasizes that the problem is not only in «the illegality of receiving money outside the framework of the law in the campaigns but who gives the money, which was the subject of Soquimich and Ponce Lerou, but that is to continue delving into search individual responsibilities» «, but I think that a collective responsibility there is».
The point to take on cases of corruption in the ranks of the former coalition and former new majority is one of the most sensitive for this part of the opposition. Blind eye denounced by social sectors, the Communist Party and part of the Frente Amplio, make that the distances to achieve a convergence that front the advance of fascist ideas intensify.
During the last Monday, since the Christian Democrats took a statement that points to the center-left and their responsibility, in this case in Brazil. In one of its points can be read: «we believe that the advancement of populist leaders, both left and right, does more than endanger the foundations of democracy in the region, but also gives an account of a center-left that tolerated corruption for a long time «within their ranks, and even promoted, as it was the electoral support of some figures linked to corruption». Of passed a strong questioning who signed the letter in support of Lula Da Silva, among them, former President Michelle Bachelet.
From the frenteamplismo stressed that, as a new conglomerate, «we have tried to be unforgiving to any corruption, why accuse fisc»Abbott, so we want to hear the call of President Piñera for the purchase of shares of LAN», emphasizes Deputy Winter.
He also stressed that «If the President out of the broad front and someone says that it has an audio where is committing a crime, I’m also going to be the first to say I want to know the contents of that».
Anyway, from the third force in Parliament highlights that as block nor can «draw cheerful accounts», described in that despite being a force young with good electoral results, «our short life still not can overcome the disconnection of the world politician with the social. «We have extreme resources in the parliamentary strength, often leaving aside our work territorial and social, what we may end up passing the account», highlights a high head leader.
Compact anti-neoliberal «We are against the rise of fascism, and I don’t know how we will deal with anyone with the answer that give me it…», with this quote from liberal MP Vlado Mirosevic can summarize the State tied hands that now have the forces of the centre-left to address the advancement of leaderships of court fascist or populist Court, as they have been branded as Trump and Bolsonaro.
But despite what little encouraging scenario since the former new majority until the frenteamplismo parties they stressed that one of the integrating axes should be anti-neoliberal position. They emphasize that it is the implementation of this model in the dictatorship and its deepening in subsequent Governments has been one of the vital factors for the advancement of ideas, «neoliberalism is big part of the emergence of this fascism, no doubt» He said Mirosevic in a forum of reflection on 30 years of No plebiscite, by node XXI Foundation.
The Secretary general of the libertarian left, Lucas Cifuentes, these phenomena as the Brazil for «dressed up as outsider and protectionists, they are giving answers that the left and social democracy left to» to society in general. Stresses in opposition there is a «lack ideological and political failure» to think that the speech of «all against the fascist right» is the way out, «we believe a full reconsideration of the projects, is not to build a large circle health against the right».
On the other hand, the ruling Frente distances itself from stance posed that it is necessary to return to the political center, highlighted by the Christian Democrats in his statement. «The only way to give alternative is to provide a new political project, which can no longer be at the expense of contributing to a center that is only open to reason with neo-liberalism,» projects that have finished being «holders of this right».
Since the former new majority, Fernando Atria emphasizes that it is necessary that the left should assume «a clear stance against neoliberalism and an exit to the neoliberal model, from there to build convergences and alliances. «So not to be seen as sweetheart agreements need to have an action between those who converge on the society and the political world».
Position that is shared by the Communist Deputy Karol Cariola, who also the node 21st Forum, acknowledged that «it is evident that here – in the center-left – there are a number of profound differences… but there is a common element that I think that you must not pass it to carry that is in the background, to be work is the strategic eye of the different political forces that today we can converge.»
Also emphasized to the audience that «very tough times for Latin America and Chile come and look at this process is one of the biggest challenges that has this generation, and have those that today are at the head of the political world» Trade Union and social. The as opposed to the current neoliberal model… There is where will reel off the corn.»
Lucas Cifuentes goes beyond, and raises «the left in Chile, within or outside of the Frente Amplio, has to build one’s own space, that build own social and popular project. If there are sectors of the former new majority willing to fold and to join us, understanding that it is a bet away from what was the conclusion, clearly they will be welcome.» Added to this, is still in «a very early time, is not something that is happening, because both the Frente Amplio and the former new majority, are not yet able to have a reading of this phenomenon».
Convergence progressive, the last movement of the left beginning with the left foot last Monday and following the meeting of the Presidents of the PS, Álvaro Elizalde, the PPD, Heraldo Muñoz, and PR, Carlos Maldonado, came to be known – to the surprise of several members of the block – a new name that is intended to, at least comunicacionalmente, take a step forward and leave behind the heavy burden of the reminiscences of the former new majority, name that is identifying, besides those already named, the PC and the DC : Progressive convergence.
On the occasion, the President of the PPD said that «This means that we are going to be doing an analysis of what are the chances of the opposition in general and of these three parties of the progressive convergence in particular.» That does not mean that we are going to limit our electoral effort to these three games, we will talk with others». Meanwhile the President of the PR claimed that «we have agreed to deepen this work together giving you a programmatic dimension of future and look carefully, together as parties, the major bills of the current Government, in that they are not flashbacks social, having no small print».
But while for some MPs this was transformed into «a pleasant surprise», for others, as the Deputy PS Marcelo Díaz, this was not so. At infinite radius, who was the spokesman of the Government of former President Michelle Bachelet said that «it had the faintest idea that we were going to move towards the creation of this area of communication as a formal baptism, with a particular name. «Socialists, radicals and PPD, we learned through the press».
On this occasion, and as in few others, Deputy and senior members of his party, there have been surprised, so they accuse that other two partners, the PR and PPD, «were pulled out with the jars».
The internal of the PS is worried about, because it was not on his agenda this sudden departure that, they understand–was budgeted for later, «with more substances» and, ironically, with «greater convergence».
In the store led by Álvaro Elizalde the fact out to present this small group of parties, they understand some, it could bring complications in order to realize their greatest aspiration today, which is attracting most of the forces progressives throughout the country, and – understand – this can draw an imaginary fence.
It was own Senator and leader of the Socialist Party who, only a day after you give to know progressive convergence, in an interview with Emol receded to express that «have taken an additional step to make it clear that this is a space for coordination which responds to l» you new times. But is not itself a political Alliance, because the Socialists have been categorical: we are not going to participate in any proposal that represents the exclusion of a certain actor (…) in that context, the space that we have built is an effort of coordination, but not at all constitutes the definite answer that we must give to build a majority. And therefore we have pointed out that this is a space for coordination, but the effort of all progressive unit must do without excluding any actor.»
The work of these three parties is not new, but not too old. He has not gone more than one month since, under the excuse that the three are part of the Socialist International, the PR could shake the Christian Democrats. This then that is desordenara to the newly-confirmed Chairman of the PR, Carlos Maldonado, the internal deck when, along with the phalange, formed an Alliance that the Interior of the centre-left was catalogued of anti-Communist. The former Justice Minister was overwhelmed by this situation that led him finally to cross to the current path.
The position adopted by the PS on this occasion did not fall quite right among its partners, who point out that this would be again a new maneuver to try to establish itself as «The» articulator of the opposition party.

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