translated from Spanish: Case Lucksinger Mackay: Dictate new sentence against convicted after eliminating terrorist character of the offence

the Supreme Court hosted this Wednesday from maner a partial ruling of invalidity who presented the three convicted in the second trial of the case Luchsinger Mackay.
In particular, the Supreme eliminated the terrorist character of the crime and changed by fire resulting in death and resolved to condemn to 18 years in prison to Jose Tracal car and Luis Tralcal Quidel, at the time that maintained the penalty of 5 years with benefit of probation for  Jose Peralino Huinca.
«Case Luchsinger Mackay: #CorteSuprema houses partially recourse to annul and dictates new judgment by fire causing death.» Room criminal eliminate terrorist character of the crime», said the judiciary in his Twitter account.

After the hearing, some attendees insisted on the innocence of the condemned and protested against the ruling. 
Chadwick: «we would have liked one longer sentence» the Minister of the Interior, Andrés Chadwick, endorsed through his Twitter account «clear validity» of the trial in the case Luchsinger Mackay and that inmates were responsible for. However, he acknowledged that it would have liked one longer sentence. 
«If Luchsinger Mackay became clear the validity of the trial and convicted were responsible. One longer sentence and keep would have liked terrorist qualification by the cruelty of the crime. I wish the Parliament adopted amendments to the anti-terror law to make it more effective! «.»

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