translated from Spanish: Cause outrage woman who assaulted a disabled man

through social networks has become viral and caused indignation a video in which it appears a woman apparently assaulting a man with disabilities.

According to some publications, the man reportedly asked the young to respect the parking reserved for the disabled, to which she would react violently throwing insults and even punches. The man who is apparently disabled sits on the sidewalk and next to it there is a stick, while the Lady is standing in front of him, both discussing. The young man says you that “the law is not in your hands. The law is already made and respected”; to which the enraged woman responds that she has “houses, land and apartments”.
However this nonthreatening to men, who tells him that what he has is integrity. It is at this time that the young woman begins to hit the slapping and the recording is cut. Users of social networks reacted in different ways, some with criticism toward the woman for assaulting a disabled person, and others pointing out that the context in which the discussion took place is unknown and cannot be said that the man has any disability.

There are also those who concern that there might be a discussion relating to the custody of a minor, and not to the issue of the parking lot, because at the beginning of the video is heard that the woman says something similar to “I won’t remove the child”. It is said that the incident took place on the Baja peninsula California.En this note: Video viral aggression disability

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