translated from Spanish: Detain the suspect of killing a Bulgarian journalist

SOFIA, Bulgaria (AP) – detained in Germany a suspect in the rape and murder of a reporter for research in Bulgaria, Bulgarian officials said on Wednesday. You might be interested: Michael is strengthened to a category 4 hurricane a portrait of reporter slain television Viktoria Marinova at the freedom monument, next to flowers and candles during a vigil, in Ruse, Bulgaria, 9 of October of 2018. (AP Photo/Filip Dvorski)

Read also: increases the risk of death for exercising the general fiscal periodismoEl of the country, Sotir Tsatsarov, confirmed the arrest of Severin Krasimirov, of Bulgarian nationality, but it offered no more details. Researchers had found traces of DNA on the clothing and body of Viktoria Marinova, who was raped and murdered on Saturday in the city of Ruse, in the North of the country, said Interior Minister, Mladen Marinov.
“There is physical evidence to link him to the murder,” said Marinov Wednesday, adding that Krasimirov, residing in Ruse, had a criminal record for theft of scrap metal.

The researchers spoke to relatives and friends of Marinova and “there is no apparent link to his work,” said the Minister. Last month, Marinova, of 30 years, led a program with two journalists to research who were arrested for their work in an alleged fraud with funds from the Union Europea.En this note: Bulgaria journalist dead Severin Krasimirov
Viktoria Marinova

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