translated from Spanish: Electoral Tribunal of valid Puebla win Martha Erika Alonso

the Electoral Court of Puebla validated the triumph of Martha Erika Alonso of the (PAN-PRD-MC) by Puebla front coalition in the election for Governor.
At the Wednesday session judges voted and declared – unanimously – the validity of the election, the eligibility of the Pan and ratified the constancy of majority given to Alonso.
Martha Erika Alonso received last July his record of most after obtaining a 152 million 978 valid votes, 122 thousand 54 votes more than his opponent.
However the coalition together will make history (Morena-PES – PT) challenged the election because he accused inconsistencies in the counting of the votes.
The room Superior of the Tribunal Electoral of the power Judicial of the Federation (TEPJF) ordered the count of all the votes of the election Governor.
According to the voted ruling Wednesday, because of irregularities was annulled the vote received in 59 boxes installed for the elections of July 1, which were challenged by the coalition together we will make history, that postulated Miguel Barbosa Huerta.  
On 1 October, the TEEP received the room Superior Court Electoral of the power Judicial from the Federation document containing detailed records and their respective records of computation of the count carried out by the regional town halls of Mexico and Toluca.
Barbosa could still challenge the Court’s decision the poblano, if this happens, the Electoral Court will have to resolve, at the latest by 14 of December, the validity of the election to the governorship.

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