translated from Spanish: Experts of the PDI were intoxicated after inspecting plant for ENAP in Quintero

this day, investigating crimes m brigade staff edioambientales of the PDI was intoxicated after work in the national petroleum company, in Quintero.
«Completed the skills, personnel of this Brigade specialized, while returning to Santiago, they presented discomfort associated with intoxication by gas,» details the report sent to the Court of appeals of Viña del Mar, the third set.
And adds: «Is accredited through certificate of urgent care symptomatology coincides with the people affected in Quintero».
In addition, civilian police also took Declaration workers of Gasmar and Oxiquim, who said that days before the emergency, «perceived a stench that caused them discomfort in the environment and should be removed from their places of work».
«Signs erected in Gasmar and Oxiquim and a truck of Nexxo, which performs maintenance tasks in the ponds of Enap, recorded the presence of a mixture of aromatic hydrocarbon compounds from petroleum-compatible», States the report, and also, stresses that, thanks to the revision of security cameras, it was possible to set August 21, 19:21 hours, a truck poured materials.
Enap decanting pools were found «traces of volatile compounds, hydrocarbons which derived businesses adjacent to Enap (toluene, benzene and xylene), with clinical manifestations associated with such compounds, and can associate to» through the collected evidence that Enap decanting pools correspond to a source that provides gases which can affect the health of people, hypothesis duly substantiated in the police report sent directly to the Local Prosecutor’s Office of Quintero».

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