translated from Spanish: For what reasons were several cultural centers closed in recent years?

in the middle of the hectic pace that reigns in the city, cultural centers seek spreading the idea of encounter and Exchange. However, these places live a worrisome present. What is? From each case, and the various testimonies, two major problems affect the organizations: the crisis and the closures. In order to understand more details, Ridge spoke with several cultural centers («Mecca», «Club Matienzo», «Ucecaa», «Club culture of the city of La Plata» and the «House of Teresa») who commented on the situation currently living.
Crisis: do affect them?

Demonstration in «La Casa de Teresa» | Photo: Facebook «La Casa de Teresa» economic situation engulfing the Argentines also affects within the cultural centres: as communicated the club Matienzo, this year they closed around 10 spaces because of the crisis, either by increasing the price services and providers, or the cultural consumption fall.» Each Center is organized as you can before the crisis. Some rent, others have borrowed houses, situations vary; It is a complex time, people now prioritize other things; We maintain through workshops, people gives priority to complex ones», explained members of the Union of artists of La Plata (Ucecaa) and alternative cultural centers.
Closures: do centers in sight?

Controversy in silver | Photo: Facebook Club culture the silver is not the first nor last Center who lived this situation in the first person. However, many of them have to close their doors to the force. Just weeks ago the Club culture of the city of La Plata was closed, and when they wanted to do a festival to make visible the issue, they could not do it.» Judge rye, N. 5 fouls Court acted ex officio and ordered to raise the stage if not he confiscated it. Why is suspended», clarified from the site for cutting edge News.» They said that the problem was with the stage, that if wanted to touch bands who play on the floor, armen down, that is could not assemble an event so in the street,»explained Marian Herrera, journalist and editor of» ritual».» Then started negotiations to avoid locking the situation and that it can be done, but from the municipality, the message was that if they wanted to do more to do it later. Tried to insist that it is done and at one point said that he was not going to do, that the first instrument that went down to the square confiscated it,»he continued.
Previously, elsewhere already went through the same thing: «Community of the basement», «Armored rose», «Big sur», «Humahuaca Cultural House», «Groove», «Fly the fish» were some of them. Despite this picture, from the MECA (cultural and artistic spaces movement) said that it is one of the moments of the story with «less closures» cultural centres. 
The case of ‘The House of Teresa’ «La Casa de Teresa» | Photo: Courtesy press «3 months ago ago, for the winter holidays, they closed us Centre. Moreover, they put us a wall at the door; We spent two months as well. Two weeks ago we managed to raise the wall to make the necessary arrangements for the lifting», explained Antonela, Member of this cultural center.» La Casa de Teresa»was founded by the family of a disappeared detainee, named Teresa Israel, and is located in the neighborhood of Almagro. As explained, the construction of education cultural and popular for the transformation of the «neighborhood and city». However, from 2015 space was closed on several occasions; today is with the doors closed. «There is a clear political intention, endorsed the process post Cro-Magnon, close cultural spaces, they want to impose their culture as a commodity and not as a right and a social good, made all, why persecute those cultural spaces», He said Antonela.
A look at future fighting spirit | Photo: Facebook @Ucecaa against this scenario, many of the different spaces are joined together in order to move forward and solve their problems. A great example is the «Casa de Teresa»: «from the solidarity of other spaces provided us, continue holding activities (…) «we are here firm, joyful and rebel».

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