translated from Spanish: Jacky Bracamontes Jacqueline Bracamontes shares the earliest photo of her pregnancy

do not hesitate to share some moments of her pregnancy of twins in social networks. Recently, he published one of the tenderest photographs of this period of his life.

In his official account of Instagram, Jacqueline Bracamontes showed that she isn’t the only one excited by the imminent arrival of his twin and that both their spouse and their daughters, especially his eldest daughter Jacky, are eager to already know to the babies.
«Someone is happy by the arrival of their sisters,» said Jacqueline Bracamontes as the image description; his followers stressed the beautiful family that has.
Some of the comments that Jacqueline Bracamontes received were: «congratulations, your babies will your life full of light».
«That photo so tender, feel the unconditional love that will have».
«Awww, Jacky tan bonita».
«You have a beautiful family.»
«All your babies are beautiful and the twins will not be the exception.»
«Congratulations on your daughters that God gave you».

A few days ago, the host revealed during an interview with the program today, hoping that her twins are born in December and that you know how it will be called one of the babies. «A name we have is Emilia and the other Martin decides it, still no, we are between Camilla, Paula, Alexa, we do not know well», stressed. In this note:

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