translated from Spanish: Michael comes to Florida: fear «catastrophic damage»

Michael threat the Northeast strip of Florida become category 4 hurricane, with winds of almost 300 km/h. Reports indicate that he won a «terrifying power» during the last hours. Its vortex will touch ground soon in this area of fishing villages, military bases, and white sand beaches. 
It’s the most powerful hurricane engulfing the area more than 375,000 people the length and breadth of the Gulf Coast were warned that they away from the region, known as the Florida Panhandle, while the cloud bands of the hurricane played the coast with winds c ADA strongest time, rain and rising seas before dawn.
«In just a few days, Michael went from being a tropical depression over the weekend, a storm with destructive winds capable of generating up to 30 centimeters of rain and a storm surge of up to four metres.» I guess it’s the worst possible scenario. I don’t think that anyone has something lived in the Panhandle», said the meteorologist Ryan Maue,, agency AP.»this will have winds that damaged structures on the coast and inland hurricane force winds». The Atlantic hurricane season ends November 30. News on development

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