translated from Spanish: New blog of complaints: this time, Cielo Razzo

again a blog appears on the scene and tells, in anonymous testimonies, abuses and violence experienced by teenage fans of a rock band, in this case, the Cielo Razzo group. 
Seven there are testimonies that look quite like each other and that they blame and point to all the members of the band bedtime systematically minors, drugged them and mistreat them in the combi carrying them all their shows. The band, meanwhile, still not issued any statement on the matter, but testimonies continue joining the blog of public complaint. Here, the first and most shocking: as the title says. Like this. Many years passed. No longer I remember how many. Yes, I remember is the anguish and fear I felt the evening that I was stranded in a town that did not know, at the age of 17 without knowing how. Without knowing anyone. In the middle of the night. When one of the members of the band Cielo Razzo decided that she had already tired of playing with me. Drunk, crying. With cold. Thank God I found good people along the way and arrived home safely. But this story is only beginning. Get comodx. Last night I couldn’t sleep reading the testimonies of victims of Onda Vaga and finally made the decision to tell my story. I will not reveal my name or my hometown. To specify names of the members of the band because you know them and all have been part of what I’m going to tell. ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE. The first time I went to Cielo Razzo collective was a girl. He had not completed the secondary. A small group of girls from the school heard her cassette. The first had taken. «Good». I liked. We went to see them with a friend, I remember it as if it were yesterday. We left the terminal excited. I was wearing a backpack as if we were hiking. I knew the faces of those who played. There was no internet. In the cassette, there was no photos because it was engraved. We sat quiet a beer when we arrived. They approached, we were invited to continue taking. We said yes and when we wanted to realize were in the sound test. He felt well, they had set themselves in us. Later they invite us up to the collective. It was a nightclub where on the TV were sex films. Where the drug was as commonplace and the pibitas parade seeking approval of their idols. Where you got one and bajabas being another. In that collective shit I left part of my adolescence. That night I ended up having sex with a guy that I bent in the age. Didn’t say that not. I manipulated. Same thing happened to my friend. We had fallen into the network of perversion. It would be very difficult to get out. It generated as an addiction to being part of the circle. The fan/band relationship is something very rare and special. Falling in love, fascination, admiration. By the music, the talent. The roles are well marked. When you’re above the stage demonstrating its virtues, the other down rapt sings, laughs, vibrates with the letters, feel identified and sometimes even falls in love… I: 17 years, without too much experience at all. He came from a broken home, many problems of family violence. I had always wanted to get away from everything and this I was like ring finger. He was very sensitive, wounded. Did not have built my personality or with sticks. Needless to say that didn’t know what it was saying no. At that time I believed that you deserved me what was happening to me. That it was not used for nothing more than to meet with my body to others. It was not worth anything. Them: more than 30 types. With family. They had started it will stick with the music and went out to the villages to play. They descontrolaban. They were partiers assholes for one night. Where no one saw them. No one judged them. Group sex. Faso. Merca in bag. Everything was permitted in the recreational accomplice within the ‘collective’ blessed. Put it in quotes because if that group speak would all prisoners… Luckily for them never nobody found out. He arrived Sunday morning, used to the groupies like dogs and they were returning to their homes. With their wives, their children. To be normal parents with the wake of the parallel life left behind. Surely never realized that what they were doing could bring consequences. Until today. I understand lxs reading why it waited so much. It is not easy to talk about. I always blame me. I was always a shame. They judged me. Ever to them. Today they are still playing as if nothing had happened. They are the winners who have relationships with pendejas. Us us exhibited, we chose as objects. In return, we would free the shows. To the dressing rooms to drug us with them and have sex if they required it as well. If you were fortunate you could share something else. A zapada. A song that recently was brewing. A card game. A free hotel night. The issue is when they are tired. You no longer worked. You’ve too involved and it was not piola because it was risky. You could talk and burn them with the ranch. Between the fog of alcohol and drugs girls ones passed to others like inflatable dolls. All of them having sex in the same room or in the back of the bondi. The image is strong. The night disguised as a party. All played. There was a «sensei» who enjoyed leading the baton. Until he was good and «did nothing» but was an ACCOMPLICE involved looking. He played. He was filming. One knows what they were doing then with that. They visited different towns, provinces. In each place they had the small group of pibitas that followed them. If fell just you who you’ve traveled and has joined them cattle they chose. To see who they liked to take more. I remember once in a province inside a young pibita. Fewer than 20 had. The guitarist, married him like everyone else, describing her as a «sex goddess». Whenever they played there they were together. But eye, the lack of control was always outside. No you can think or greet them in Rosary if travelling, because you did not know. It is territory of «women» and respected them. You’re a cat and you have to locate. Because the fault is unclear, the pibas. Of us. The child that we were alcoholic. Some drugged. That we spent to what didn’t have to go see them. Which we had engaged with the married. When we were always together he emphasized that he had the conchita as a girl (and Yes, 17 years) and went it crazy. A real shit. Because sometimes is picked up another girl there ahead of yours and vos not could do nothing more than wait you again to look at. While others of the band you were seeking, you groped. Because they like good family shared everything, that included the girls because we were their membership. Even indicated you what they liked in bed when you know or identify your own desire. Total not say that not. Of course finishing and you no, not once. And they looked entranced your teen and nude body. Vos, pendeja, boluda. Single. Between 10 types. Unconscious. Letting you do anything. They told us that they were personal friends. I know friends don’t ask a pete in Exchange for an entry. Sometimes they did sneak through back doors to be with us before touching. Roads leading to the dressing rooms. One of the many nights I remember I cornered the manager. A disgusting type. A lousy. I locked herself in the bathroom of a bar where he played and he groped me all ass, I want to kiss the force. Do I told the hearing:-vos cogés with all slut and me non? I’m already going to seize you’ll see. Luckily I managed to escape me. Because it was not only the band. The Foley artist, unusual, another nasty slimy. A turn took the son to do so «debut» with the groupies and the pendejo was virgo as wine. We were as if we were their hired prostitutes. I never felt so disgusting. Leads, making lights and close friends who were musicians from other bands that played with them. EVERYONE DID THE SAME. All were and are complicit. They cagaban to their girlfriends and wives with any girl that crosses want to be near Pablo Pino. Pablito was the King. All died by the singer and the other dolls of the Group took advantage of the situation. That could come with it was the important because of course… Pine was the difficult figurine and knew very well choose. If you couldn’t find one he liked used to sit to look at how others are garchaban their fans. Go leader. Later when all were already tired and satisfied, they fell them collective or out of the hotel room. Sometimes they asked them how they were returning and pulling them close to the terminal. Sometimes not even that. If had possessions above the bondi of some girl, they threw them along the route along the way. If the wives and girlfriends what they were doing fell them the mask. And God forbid that, because they were good men in family and example for their young children. Sex parties with children. Drugs of all kinds. Alcohol. It always happened at the rock. Are they astonished of Onda Vaga? I come to say that it is not the only band that does and did this. Full of battered unconscious pibitas backstage is not now Lords. Now Cielo Razzo is supposedly «more calm». Already they don’t fidget with pibitas of 15 years. No longer make them kiss each other to warm them and then garcharselas. All that happened. Now that they hit it on the radio and took several disks are trying to clean and be what they appear to be. A fuck I care what they show. I know that live with them. The humiliation. The pain. The fear. The irreparable psychological damage. Many years thinking that the blame was mine when it was actually completely manipulated and subjected to a perverse a group of the psychopaths play. I wasn’t the only one. There were many girls who were in the same situation. And some must be followed until today. Some must have saved in its memory memories as adventures disguised as consent to not feel bad, for not giving account that were used and abused by a group of monstersruos. Respect for those that don’t want to talk but if I invite them to do so. I accompany them because they are not alone. Because you don’t have to continue. At some point this has to stop. Players have to understand that their fans are not objects hidden pleasures and sexual fantasies. That you have no right to steal adolescence to the pibas who listen to them. It is not well maintain sexual relations with minors. Because they have daughters, and certainly not would like that are bums like them that caguen them life. That makes them feel guilty for something that they did not cause. No I still have doubts that is victimizarán. They will say that the girls are pulling them over. That he did not know how to handle it. That you hold a pendeja for 17 years and put it on 4 while another introduces you the erect penis in the mouth is not right. To manipulate her intercourse with your friends while you filmás when he is unconscious is not right. Let it run in the middle of the road and you have to finger isn’t right. That humilles her tell everyone what you did with it is not good. And so I can keep on writing more thousand examples. NO girl deserves is to go through this. NO. My goal is that people start to know what happens behind that idolize. Of what they hear. Of what they buy. What is tattooed on the skin. That they know that a band behind is a group of machirulos who years ago comes abusing girls. Cheating their families. Those who have no idea of black parties organized whenever they go out to play. There is a whole system behind accomplice. Managers, producers, patovicas, owners of hotels, nightclubs and bars who know what happens. My greatest wish is that the pibas speak. That you heal. Understand that it was not is not his fault. They walk with the front in high life and don’t forget to manipulate by no more male. Take out all the shit inside and they can be happy. And, well… the people will decide. 

Original source in Spanish

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