translated from Spanish: New protection strategies urge students

as a result of the tragedy in which a minor lost his life in South heights, in Culiacan, after rains in the early hours of last Monday, the new owner Sepyc, Juan Alfonso Mejía Lopez, announced that they doubling the effort to work in coordination with protection Civil pa’ guarantee the safety of children and young people against climate threats, by what goes in search of engineering specialists in urban planning. Interested, please contact Francisco Vega, ‘secre’ of Civil protection, to (667) 717 82 80. > New route pa’ ATV
race fractionation sports residential, of the city of Los Mochis, anda seeing how is that extreme routes of ATVs roll, as the Choixazo and the Cosalazo, pa’ see if the Degolladazo can build, and is that the ca LLE Santos Degollado, in the segment from May 10 until source of Theseus, is special pa’ this practice of so many hoyotes that they left rains and that it is time for the municipality of Ahome or leans pa’ fix. If anyone knows how these routes are organized and how are invited to all the cuatrimoteros, take the ‘fonazo’ to the ‘chaca’ of public works, Josué Sánchez Ruelas, (668) 816 40 09, pa’ to assemble ‘bisnes’. > do know you to the ‘mexicanadas’?
is requested personal that you understand that the patching, as with so many holes that exist in all the streets of Guasave and on rural highways, race no longer knows what not to do, and some already pointed out that you been strikeouts to fall into a pothole , but the authorities «well, thank you», as happened yesterday in the burns case. If you think to make a ‘mexicanada’ that lasts and with little resource, take the call to the mere mere de Obras y Servicios Publicos, José Cervantes, to the phone (687) 871 87 09. > fined
is sought suppliers for the purchase of basic manuals of the police camp, and G cutbacks in Government, to maintain well advised officials of the Junta Municipal de Agua Potable y Alcantarillado (Japasa), who without measuring result make use of parking in blue zones for disabled, since apparently they don’t know that there is a fine who does not respect the spaces reserved for persons with disabilities, because transit officials fell with the ballot for not respecting the blue drawer. Any info, contact the Manager of the Board, Nadia Verdugo, the number (673) 732 07 81. > why abound rats
at a meeting with businessmen, the elected Mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez, said that you for the four sectors that is d ivide city, in terms of surveillance, 120 patrols are needed to put 40 units in each of these sectors. The downside is that there are just 40 patrols citywide. Why you are engaged in the political crime such as robberies and assaults, are at ease. And according to the chemist, 98 per cent of patrols of Mazatlan does not serve. If you are mechanical and want to offer their services, call the (669) 984 10 87, to see if they need someone who cast them a hand.

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